CBRE is a globally active company with a presence in many countries on every continent, and as such we see it as our responsibility to dedicate ourselves to the improvement of society, in particular, the places where people live and work. We want to improve the quality of life around the world, especially in developing countries. 

In 2011, CBRE resolved to get involved in development work in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and since then we have been committed to improving conditions in disadvantaged countries as part of our ‘Building a Better Future’ project. 

A Better Future for Girls in Africa


Over 20 million girls are forced to make their way from their rural homes to cities to flee from abuse, forced marriage or in the hope of finding work. Their lives aren’t much better in the cities. In fact, they often experience sexual harassment, violence or worse, in particular in public spaces or on public transport.
Plan International’s ‘Safer Cities’ project, which has been supported by CBRE since 2017, focuses on precisely these issues. Over the next two years, we will invest over 650,000 euro in the project. It focuses on Nairobi and in particular on Embakasi, one of its poorest districts, and aims to improve the lives of 4,000 girls living there as well as having a positive effect on 490,000 other residents. We aim to contribute towards making Embakasi a more tolerant place, where people feel safe and have a better quality of life. 

Our short video on the project presents ‘Safer Cities’ in more detail, and tells you how you can help too.

“We are proud to be extending our EMEA-wide partnership with Plan International to help support the Safer Cities programme. This forms an important part of our wider responsible business commitments.”
Martin Samworth, CEO, CBRE EMEA

CBRE and Plan International Working Together in Sierra Leone


In 2014, we became a partner of the children's aid organization Plan International. Our first joint project focused on Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world, and its aim was to give disadvantaged girls the chance to get an education and help them escape from abuse and forced marriage. 
Thanks to our dedicated colleagues, we succeeded in raising over 1.2 million euro across the EMEA region for this project, and the British government contributed an additional 9 million euro. This allowed 21,060 of the poorest girls in Sierra Leone to receive an education and for assistance to be provided to 135,000 children before, during and after the Ebola epidemic. CBRE continues to support 485 girls as they train to become teachers. 


CBRE Disaster Relief


In the aftermath of many natural disasters and human tragedies, CBRE has contributed to on-site workers’ attempts to help victims and restore hope to the affected areas. The CBRE EMEA disaster relief fund doubles the donations of our employees and is used to support aid organizations. Since 2011, we have donated over 500,000 euro to a variety of aid organizations to support their disaster relief efforts.