We aim to be the first port of call in the real estate industry for clients, employees and partners. To ensure that we are, we offer our clients the best possible services and we provide our employees with a working environment in which they feel comfortable and understood. 

For this, it is essential that everyone is treated fairly and with trust. We are open, transparent and clear in our communication with our clients, employees and other partners. At all times, we act respectfully and encouragingly, we bear the interests of others in mind and we cultivate open and trusting dialogues. 

As the world’s largest real estate consultancy company, we also aim to shape the global real estate market and to stand out from the crowd with our responsible and sustainable activities. 

Motivated Employees, Satisfied Clients

 As a real estate consultancy company, the client is always our central focus. With our range of services for the entire life cycle of a property, we increase value for our clients with our individualized solutions. 

Our focused strategy aims to meet our clients wherever they may be in the development of their business and to meet their needs by providing them with optimized services. After all, our company can only succeed if our clients are always satisfied with our service and are happy to work with us as partners. This motivates us to develop new and more sustainable real estate services and solutions so we can provide our clients with even better support. 

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Assets

Every single one of our greatest successes as a company only came to pass because of the hard work and commitment of our employees. Around the world, CBRE has over 75,000 employees. Without their commitment, creativity and know-how, our successes would never have been possible. Our employees are therefore our greatest assets and to make sure that it remains that way, we are constantly working to improve our work environments and the opportunities that come with being part of the CBRE team. 

We offer opportunities for further education and flexible working hours so that our employees can continue to grow and develop while maintaining their existing expert knowledge and achieving a satisfactory work/life balance. 

The corporate culture at CBRE is characterized by our dedication to trust, mutual respect and a pleasant working atmosphere. Thanks to our desire to create an environment in which every person is shown respect, in which accomplishments are recognized and the room is given for further development, our company remains open to new points of view and new opportunities. 

CBRE is also characterized by its international perspectives and the wide diversity of its workforce. This ensures that we maintain our strong competitive position in the long-term and that we are known as an attractive employer across the industry and beyond. 

 “At CBRE, we are committed to providing a work environment that attracts, develops and retains the best people and celebrates the professional success of every individual. Our diversity and inclusion practices and policies – including our support for various employee networking groups and commitment to diversity in succession planning and talent acquisition – play a big role in our strategy. They have resulted in a stronger, more diverse workforce that allows us to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients and fosters career growth for our people.”

Bob Sulentic, President & Chief Executive Officer