Responsible corporate governance, along with the management and overseeing of companies – these elements form part of a global understanding of corporate governance and are practised day in day out at CBRE.

Along with responsible corporate governance, we place great emphasis open, transparent and comprehensive communication with our business partners and employees. This approach, combined with our stringent governance structure, allows us to ensure our complete integrity at all times in our dealings with business partners and employees.

At the same time, we view sustainable corporate governance as a concern that also includes environmental protection and corporate responsibility, among other aspects. For more information on our Corporate Responsibility mission statement, please see our Corporate Responsibility Report.

The report was prepared in compliance with the G4 directives of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and documents the way in which our company implements compliance with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance.

Ethics and Compliance

For globalized companies such as CBRE, a sound, ethical foundation and a uniform set of ethics are indispensable.

With this in mind, we our promise as a responsible and trustworthy company is that our actions always comply with the relevant rules and regulations and accord with our corporate values and internal guidelines.

With a view to ensuring this, we have created a code of conduct in our Standards of Business Conduct (SOBC) for our employees, which is valid worldwide. Our SOBC lays down our Ethics & Compliance program and serves as guidance in implementing our corporate guidelines and in our decision making. Our SOBC can be viewed on our website under the Investors Relations heading.

In addition, we regularly organize mandatory courses and training that are designed to safeguard our employees and CBRE against violations of the law and set standards for integrity in all our actions.