As a globally active real estate service provider, we work with suppliers, service providers and other companies on a daily basis. Because we see sustainable and responsible corporate action as an integral component of our corporate responsibility, we expect the same from our suppliers and partners. 

CBRE works with over 85,000 direct and indirect providers around the world and expects a transparent, socially oriented and sustainable performance from them. We are making a global commitment to high social and environmental standards. 

Before we agree to work with a potential provider, we make inquiries about their record with human rights, corruption, environmental protection and occupational safety. If ambiguities, strategic abnormalities or suspected risks arise, it is our policy to make a direct request to the provider for a detailed explanation.

Cooperative Sustainability

We spend over US$50bn annually on services and products and we, therefore, see it as our duty to contribute to sustainability and the environment and to have a positive effect on the value chains of our providers. We, therefore, work together with our suppliers and support them in their fulfilment of our sustainability requirements, and in the creation of new measures.

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