Data Center Services

When it comes to data centers, there is no real estate service provider in the world with a larger or better-integrated consultancy team than CBRE. Our experts offer tailored data center solutions to support owners, building users and investors with a wide variety of services.

Flexible and Scalable Data Center Solutions

We focus on the requirements of companies undergoing extensive transformations as advancements in digitalization, in the form of Big Data and Industry 4.0, turning the working world on its head. More and more data is being sent around the world, requiring ever-greater server capacities – which of course increases demand for high-performance data centers. CBRE’s team of experts supports users and owners of data centers for the entirety of the building life cycle with professional consultancy and transaction services, risk assessment, project management and functionally integrated consultancy services.

With over 5,000 engineers, technicians and skilled workers in over 600 locations in 150 cities around the world, we know what it takes. Regardless of size, reach and location, we work with our clients to develop flexible and scalable solutions for server and data centers.We also offer individual consultancy and modern IT solutions for the management of data centers.

CBRE Data Center Solutions Minimize Risks


We ensure that our data center concepts keep pace with business requirements, are always cutting edge and facilitate rapid data access. In our data center consultancy, we constantly have one eye on technological advancements such as cloud hosting and colocation to ensure that we always have the perfect solutions for the individual requirements of our clients.

Of course, risk management plays an important role in this. Our project managers provide sound consultancy and demonstrate on a day-to-day basis that they understand how to coordinate the operational, technical and economic requirements of a data center with the demands of building and planning criteria. The cost-effective solutions that emerge from joint consultancy projects keep risks to a minimum and ensure optimum efficiency. After all, data centers have to run smoothly.

Sound Consultancy from a Market Leader


As a market leader in data center solutions, CBRE manages over 6.5 million square meters of data centers around the world. This allows us the flexibility to completely customize our data center solutions for the individual requirements of our clients. In addition, we have the global reach and market power to ensure the best results – from a contractual, operative and financial perspective.
In general, we succeed in reducing colocation prices by 20%, energy costs by 20% and operating costs by an average of 15%. 
As you can see, our expert data center consultancy can provide you with a clear advantage in the market – our CBRE data center solutions will transform your business’ potential risks into the keys to success.  

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Range of Services Included in CBRE Data Center Solutions

  • Consultancy for locating and developing the site
  • Sale and leaseback contracts
  • FM consulting
  • Continuous market investigation 
  • Sale or purchase of data centers
  • Brokerage of spaces in data centers
  • Operation and optimization 

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